Thursday 13 September

O’Rahilly Building 1.23 (#62, G6 on the campus map here. NB this building has two virtually identical stairwells, each with four corridors leading off!)


1.30 – 2.00  Registration (outside ORB 1.23)

2.00 – 2.30   Welcome & Introduction

2.30 – 4.10   Session 1

Prof Richard Jaffe, Duke University, USA             

“Global Waves on Omura Bay: The English Translation of the Gedatsu dōron (Vimuttimagga).”

Dr Phibul Choompolpaisal, University College Cork, Ireland

“Tai-Burmese-Lao Buddhisms in ‘Modernised’ Ban Thawai (Bangkok): A Mutual Relationship between Ethnic Minorities’ Buddhisms and the British-Thai Political Centralisation in the Late 19th/Early 20th C.”


4.10 – 4.30   Tea/Coffee

4.30 – 6.10   Session 2

Dr Shin’ichi Yoshinaga, Maizuru National College of Technology, Japan

“Three Boys on the Great Vehicle—M.T.Kirby, William M. McGovern, and Utsuki Nishu.”

Prof Brian Bocking, University College Cork, Ireland

“Flagging Up Buddhism: Charles Pfoundes (Omoie Tetzunostzuke) among the Oriental Congresses and Expositions, 1893-1905.”


Friday 14 September

O’Rahilly Building 1.23

9.15 – 10.55     Session 3

Prof Amy Holmes-Tagchungdarpa, University of Alabama, USA

Excavating the Roles of Women in Buddhist Modernity: Negotiating Gender Archive and Visibility in the Travels of Alexandra David-Neel (1868 – 1969) and Pelling Ani Wangdzin (188? – 192?).”

Dr Laurence Cox, National University of Ireland Maynooth, Ireland

Rethinking Early Western Buddhists: Beachcombers, ‘Going Native’ and Dissident Orientalism.”


10.55 – 11.20   Tea/Coffee

11.20 – 1.00     Session 4

Dr Tilman Frasch, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Towards ‘Buddhintern’: Asian Buddhist Networks before the 19th Century.”

Douglas Ober, University of British Columbia, Canada

“Unfurling the Gem of Bharat Bhumi: Colonial Networks of Buddhist Exchange and the Indian Buddhist imagination in late British India.”


1.00 – 2.00       Lunch

2.00 – 4.00       Session 5

Julia Linder, University of Bonn, Germany

“The Theosophical Society of the East Indies in the Late 19th Century: Its Intermediary Function in the Spread of Buddhism in Indonesia”

 Dr Marcelo Vidaurre Archanjo, University College Cork, Ireland

“Henrique Jose de Souza (1883-1963) and his Theosophical ‘Esoteric Buddhism’ Association in 1920s Brazil.”

Philip Deslippe, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

“Brooklyn Bhikkhu: the Life and Legacy of Salvatore Cioffi/ the Venerable Lokanatha”


4.00 – 4.30       Tea/Coffee

4.30 – 5.40       Session 6                             

Dr Elizabeth Harris, Liverpool Hope University, UK (video talk)

“Ananda Metteyya: Controversial Networker, Passionate Critic.”

Dr Andrew Skilton, King’s College London, UK

“George Blake/Vijjavaddho Bhikkhu – Britains’ First Black Bhikkhu.”

Saturday 15 September

O’Rahilly Building 1.56 (note change of venue)


9.15 – 10.55     Session 7

Prof Alicia Turner, York University, Toronto, Canada

“The Bible, the Bottle and the Knife: Religion as a Mode of Resisting Colonialism for U Dhammaloka.”

Mr Kalzang Dorjee Bhutia, University of Delhi, India

“The First Vajrayana-turned-Theravadin Buddhist Monks: The Forgotten Legacy of Sikkimese King Sidkeong Tulku’s Theravadin Education Experiments in Myanmar and Sri Lanka.”


10.55 – 11.25   Tea/Coffee

11.25 – 12.55 Panel Discussion

1.00                 Close


This conference forms part of the 12-month postdoctoral research project “Continuities and Transitions in Early Modern Thai Buddhism” (Postdoctoral Fellow: Dr Phibul Choompolpaisal) funded by the Dhammakaya International Society of the United Kingdom.

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